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*psst* If you already know how to send out vocals and stems you can just skip this part*

If this is your first time, please read the instructions before sending payment

File Delivery for Vocal Mixes

To use this service to it's fullest potential follow these steps

  • Send all of your vocals tracks over dry (No effects) as a .wav file to my email(Preferably in a zip file) OR provide a download link to your WAV files.

  • Make sure the vocal tracks are all separated (Ad libs, Lead vocal, and layering should be individual files)

  • Files should be exported to WAV 16 or 24bit files, 44.1k or 48k sample rate

  • For mixing services it is essential that all your audio files/stems line up in the same place

  • If you have a specific effect that you want on any tracks either mention it or send some type of reference I can listen to

  • Feel free to include a few YouTube links or further audio files for your favorite artist references


72 Hour Max Delivery Time

Send quality files

If the vocals are recorded poorly(Clipping, with loud room noise, etc...) the final product will come out poorly. It's the same with poorly exported samples. So when sending over these stems make sure they're the highest quality you can extract!👍🏽

1 Major revisios

(+$10 for each extra revisions)

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