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My name is Sammy Mykel Linzer a.k.a. "Sam300" and I strive to help build a positive music community in our world and instill a sense of community and not "cutthroat" industry mentality in the ones around me.


I live by the phrase 


Most of us get into the music scene for various reasons. Some of us wanted to create our own vibes, some of us had family to look up to inside the community already, or maybe it helped us through some hard times.


but the reason why we stayed is because of the passion we grew for the art. Many forget as they move forward and fewer remember, music was an art before it was a business


Aside from my ideals relating to music. I do a lot in the field. From Creative Production to the Music Business and Publishing so check me out.

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Music Production/Composition

I'm a Music Producer & Musically literate ComposerI come from a wide background of music so it only suits me truly when I say CREATE a wide range of music as well. See my Producer Services Page to get a glimpse of my musical ability

Live Performance

Live Pianist/KeyboardistBass Guitarist




-Can Read Music

Audio Engineering

-Recording Engineer

-Mix Engineer

-Master Engineer

-Also do live sound for live events

(need a studio recording engineer? Book me at $25/hr)

See here for engineering services

I knew if it came to making an impact in the music scene for the better, I'd have to learn to pull whatever strings necessary. So I set out to be one of the coldest players in this game we all play in the music scene.
Music Publisher, Project Manager, Close partner of Chersam Entertainment & Owner of Sam300Productions you can
contact me through this form, instagram, linkedin, or

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